Helping photographers

with their social media marketing strategy, newsletter building, blog development,

and business branding

I’m K.M. Robinson, Social Media Marketing Strategist at K.M. Robinson Photography

and Reading Transforms.

My goal is to help you grow your business

through social media, Youtube,

Live broadcasting, your newsletter,

and your blog. Ready to get started?


Need help with your social media game?

We’re just opening up our resources for photographers, but very soon,

you’ll be able to click on your choice of

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Youtube tutorials right here.

Until then, feel free to check out our established Author tutorials and tweak to fit your photography needs until we get our photographer resource page a little more full!


We’ve been helping best selling authors build their newsletters for a long time, and now we’re bringing that knowledge to the photography community!

We’ll be breaking down everything you need to know to create an engaging, click-worthy newsletter that actually translates into more bookings for you without ever coming off as slimy or salesy.

Check back soon for our resources, master class and course on newsletters!


We’re going to be releasing a number of FREE Master Classes very soon for photographers-our Master Classes for Authors have been such a hit that we know you’ll benefit from these too!

Please bear with us as we are creating these course-we were only just recently asked to create content for photographers, so we’re pulling everything together and working very hard to get these created for you!

The first should be ready within the next few weeks!

We’re planning courses that focus on your newsletter and blog first!


The social media algorithms rank text posts the lowest, then photos,

then video, and live video highest.

This means you need to be taking advantage of video and live video as a photographer!

As reigning queen of live video, I’m going to teach you all the most important things about creating video and live broadcasting for your business in a fear-free way!

Check out MY live broadcasts on our Facebook Live every single week while you wait for the tutorials!


Want to watch as I live edit fine arts composite imagery

AND turn them into book covers?

Every single Tuesday at 10am EST

I am live broadcasting myself editing-and the audience gets to help make decisions about which images I use, what worlds I create, what we title the fake book,

and more!



Want to see more resources? Hit up our resource blog!



We’ve only just jumped into creating resources for photographers, but you can check out our resources for Authors here

(and tweak to fit photographers until we film versions for you!)



Blogging is so important to establish a connection with your clients and potential-new-clients.

That’s why we’re going to be bringing you resources to help you easily plan and grow your blog in a stress-free way.

We’ve helped our Author clients with their blogs and they’ve seen tremendous success-we’re currently building our resources on blogging for photographers and will be debuting them soon!


our gift to you

Here’s what you get:

A click-for-click, button-for-button tutorial on how to do everything within Instagram Stories.

Ideas Page: to help you pull it all together and make your Stories beneficial to your brand.

Bonus Tutorials: I’m sending you two bonus tutorials with a word-for-word swipe file you can copy and use for a Story + a checklist for using Stories during your photo shoots

Contact Page: so you can reach out with questions.

>>>Want more? You got it!<<<


A Gift For You

Images are provided here as a courtesy to clients of K.M. Robinson Photography. You are welcome to tag yourself, share these images on your Facebook page, or to use them as your profile image. Cropping, altering, saving, printing or using photos in any way is not permitted. Thanks for your cooperation! Enjoy!

Social Media Marketing Strategy For Photographers

Freebie Alert!!

Instagram Stories for Photographers

Click-for-click tutorial on using Instagram Stories in your photography brand + ideas for effectively communicating and educating your clients and potential-new-clients/

Thanks so much for joining me! I was only asked a few days ago to create resources for photographers, after my fellow togs watched what I was teaching to the author community and wanted social media help too! I’m pulling resources together for you now, but you’re also welcome to visit Reading Transforms and our Resource page for ideas you can tweak for photography until I build the rest of the tutorial arsenal here!